Yesterday, we had our first ‘real’ lectures and seminars and we were already given a task for the first week, a photo-alphabet.  We are supposed to work either in self-selected pairs or alone and to master the task, we have to take 26 photos. Each of those photos should represent one letter from the Alphabet, using a naturally-occurring shape.

Before I start going outside and looking for motives, I have to make sure to consider certain things that were mentioned in the brief that has been given to us:

  • I should try to frame my shot ‘in-camera’ and not edit the photos in the end.
  • I should use portrait mode.
  • I need to find inspiration! For example, I can look at: It offers the possibility to type in words or random letters that then will be demonstrated in photographs. As an example, I typed the letters ‘ABCDE’.

Screenshot (2)

Or: A collage done by taking photos of rooftops which are shaped like letters.


  • Also, for research, I can look at photograms of Maholy Nagy and the work of artists in the Bauhaus movement. Doing this I might get a better understanding of patterns and shape as well as the historical background.
  • Remember to use Photoshop in the end to put my letters into a collage.


Wise, M., 2007. Alphabet Photography [online]. UK: Alphabet Photography team. Available from: [Accessed 01/11/14]




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