To gain knowledge in animations and animating, we were given two tasks. Also, we had a workshop on how to animate with Photoshop and seminars on the history of animation.

The first task, we completed in our seminar. I was supposed to hand-draw a 12 frame picture sequence. I decided to go for a bouncy ball, since the shape stays the same most of the time and I was able to end my sequence right where I started. This way, the ball would look like it would be bouncing in a loop, which relates to the given theme CIRCLE, as well as the shape of the ball. To animate our drawings, we used a Praxinoscope, which is also called Spinner Scope. Since I did not have time to take pictures of the ball, I am going to do another animation project to complete my task.

Then, at home, I am going to digitalize thesequence by using Photoshop.

The second task is to create a short experimental sequence using my smartphone. Doing this task, I am going to explore the technique of stop-motion. That means I am going to take a range of pictures of not moving objects. It is important that those pictures show the same objects and that in all of the pictures the position of the objects slightly varies. By playing them in a sequence, I will create the illusion of the objects moving.


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