Animation with Photoshop: Task (Flower Part 1)

After the last workshop on animating with Photoshop, I could not wait to start my own little project. First I had to do a little more research on Photoshop animation and after that, I planned on finding some GIF’s to see what other people have done and to gain some inspiration.

So, I read through a tutorial to refresh the knowledge gained from the seminar. In my opinion, this one provided by adobe itself is the most helpful. It did not only explain how to create frames and set the timing, but also gave a lot of information about layers, which I struggle with sometimes.

Screenshot (105)

Since I then knew how to create an animation, I still did not know what to animate. First, I looked at more walking cycles, like the one we have created in our seminar. I found this one very interesting, since the focus is just on the walk cycle because there is no background or other component to distract.  Also the frames were drawn really easily so I thought I could simply copy that.


I then tried to do my own short walking cycle as practice. In the process I realized that it was not at all as simple as I thought it would be. Whatever I was trying, I just could not get my little man to walk as smooth as the one I found online. I soon discovered that this was due to my sketches and that I was missing certain frames.

In the following you can see some of my frame sketches. Before I could finish adding the missing pieces, my laptop died and since I had not saved my project, I lost the cycle. Luckily I had taken a couple of screenshots.

Screenshot (36) Screenshot (37) Screenshot (40)

I then moved on from walk cycles, looking at other possible cycles.


No name, 2014. Photoshop Help: Creating frame animations [ONLINE]. United states: Adobe. Available from: [Accessed 03 November 2014].

“Pack“, 2012. DoodlePack. 2014. DoodlePack [ONLINE]. No place. Available from: [Accessed 03 November 2014].



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