The last of the four given tasks was all about Kinetic Typography and After Effects. In two workshops, we gained a lot of knowledge about Adobe’s After Effects and how it can be used to animate words and letters. For this task, we are supposed to generate a sequence of no less than 20 seconds in which we use kinetic typography to accompany and enhance a soundtrack featuring voice.

We are suggested to extract the voice we use from a part of existing media. For example, we were offered to use the ‘Wolf Sales Pitch’ from the film ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013).

To deepen my knowledge before I start, I am going to take a look at the following tutorial on YouTube.

Screenshot (111)

It offers an explanation on kinetic typography and After Effects in general and it also starts from the very beginning, which is good, in case I will forget some of the basics. The downside is the fact that some features are not explained. For example how to switch from one layer to the next one or how to make whole sentences disappear. Since that part confused me a bit during our workshop, I will have to do a little bit more research on that.


Rosten, J., 2011. Kinetic Typography Tutorial. Available from: [Accessed 05/011/14]




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