Session: To find the right inspiration for our own work, we used todays session to look at a number of examples of infographic posters. To do that, we used this website:

Since I had already chosen my topic, I tried to focus a little more on posters relevant for my own development. At home, I revisited the site. I could not find any examples that covered my topic, but I could draw some design inspirations from some.

First because of color schemes:

J&J sketch 20130522 MLP E a2

Then because of the cycle-like design:

a3 a1

And also, because I found some that already visualized water:


The last one defiantly was the most inspiring one. The way the illustrator shaded the land as well as the water in some parts seemed interesting. Since I knew that I would use vector graphics and I had to be creative about shading, it was interesting to see a way it could be done. I am planning to come back to that poster later in the development.


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