Changing the background colour and arrows

After getting some feedback from friends and family members who were in my target group (younger children, age about 5-10), I decided to change the background colour to give my poster a less dark appearance. The children liked the colour pattern, but I found that it was hard for them to differentiate between different shapes and that parts did not stand out as much as they should. So, even though I personally liked the background colour, I did some experimenting to adapt the poster to its target audience.

In the end, I showed the children three different options. The first one was the original one with the dark gradient background. The second one was something very different. I had changed the background colour to a tone of grey. The third one was blue again. I had only changed the gradient from linear to radial and brightened the colours a bit. It was the one that the children picked in the end, even though they also liked the grey one.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 17.34.59

Since I had already shown them my poster anyway, I also asked them what they liked best and if they could change something, what it would be. One of them said that arrows were missing, because it is supposed to be a cycle. The oldest one then pointed to my arrows and explained that they were there, just a bit small. That made me thinking. Obviously they were not as obvious as I thought. So, I went home, looked for some inspiration and tried it on my poster. I did not take more than one try until I was satisfied with the result. Also, I found three inspirational pictures of how I could do my arrows:


I moved the arrows outside of my circle but I did not want them to be seen a separate thing as well as I wanted the circular shape to still stand out most. I wanted there to be a clear outline, so the poster would not be seen as too crowded, that’s why I decided not to do them the way it was done in the first source picture. Because the fact that my new arrows were supposed to be caught by the eye right away, I ruled out the way the second picture did it. They would have been connected to the circle which might have looked nice, but defeated the goal of why I changed the arrows in the first place: The fact that I wanted to make it easier to see them. That is why I went with the third option.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 17.34.59 (2)

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