Animation with Photoshop: Task (Flower Part 3)

Experience in doing animation with Photoshop:

The animating itself was not as difficult as I originally thought. As soon as I understood the concept of frames and layers, I could easily animate given pictures. What I figured harder to do was the actual creating of the different sketches. Since they all have to be very similar and the missing of some, might make your animation look less smooth, I had to a lot of correcting afterwards. To compare the two different projects, the flower and the car, it has to be said that the flower took at least four times as long as the car. While creating the moving car, I was able to use the same sketch for every frame. The flower took longer, since I had to draw all the 42 frames in a different way.



Animation with Photoshop: Task (Flower Part 1)

After the last workshop on animating with Photoshop, I could not wait to start my own little project. First I had to do a little more research on Photoshop animation and after that, I planned on finding some GIF’s to see what other people have done and to gain some inspiration.

So, I read through a tutorial to refresh the knowledge gained from the seminar. In my opinion, this one provided by adobe itself is the most helpful. It did not only explain how to create frames and set the timing, but also gave a lot of information about layers, which I struggle with sometimes.

Screenshot (105)

Since I then knew how to create an animation, I still did not know what to animate. First, I looked at more walking cycles, like the one we have created in our seminar. I found this one very interesting, since the focus is just on the walk cycle because there is no background or other component to distract.  Also the frames were drawn really easily so I thought I could simply copy that.


I then tried to do my own short walking cycle as practice. In the process I realized that it was not at all as simple as I thought it would be. Whatever I was trying, I just could not get my little man to walk as smooth as the one I found online. I soon discovered that this was due to my sketches and that I was missing certain frames.

In the following you can see some of my frame sketches. Before I could finish adding the missing pieces, my laptop died and since I had not saved my project, I lost the cycle. Luckily I had taken a couple of screenshots.

Screenshot (36) Screenshot (37) Screenshot (40)

I then moved on from walk cycles, looking at other possible cycles.


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First post

Well, welcome to my blog. My name is Darlene and I’m 19 and I have no idea if that’s the right way to start a blog (since I’ve never really done that before) but I’m just going to go with it. I just started my course, Digital Media Design, at Bournemouth University but I’m still in the middle of induction week. So far, we have met some of our lecturers (they all seem really nice) and we were given some basic information about what to expect from the next three years.

Also, we had to complete some small projects to break the ice. Most of the things were easy to do. For example buying a sketchbook and drawing a mind map.

One of them took some time. We were put into a couple of groups (group A for us) and got the task to take at least 5 photos in front of different locations all over Bournemouth. Sounds like fun, we thought. In the end, five people (instead of seventeen) showed up at our meeting point a day later but we still managed to take some photos and get to know each other a bit and even had some fun.

Here we go:

10703710_10203494535621195_5212412303803372768_n1150797_10203494536181209_8123520974672534381_n          10484942_10203494534181159_6523516824649244680_n10417016_10203494534501167_1211095238408141497_n     10003568_10203494534861176_1623872688833947586_o10690225_10203494534421165_8988730380075953316_n         10665260_10203494537821250_7277984631752423217_n