New group member and taking photos

Today, Tina joined our group. She was having troubles with her own group, so she talked to Rob and he then allowed her to join ours. Since we were already pretty far into the Development of our project, there was a lot to catch her up on. Because we were all free, we arranged a group meeting and then spent some time on informing her about our work, our progress and ideas behind it. Also, we talked about the things we were still struggling with (for example the name and logo of our page) and Tina gave us some input on what we could do. After spending a lot of time thinking about the project, me and Becky knew exactly what we wanted the name to sound like and because we did not know how to clearly transform that into an actual result, we were stuck a little. Since Tina at this time had not been involved in all the planning, she had a clear mind and she gave us some input, we had not even thought about. Because we liked her ideas, we asked her if she wanted to think about the name a little more and maybe do some idea collecting on it. We all thought that might be a nice way for her to get involved in the project right away. Also, she wanted to catch up on our blog posts and I went through the code of the Home-/Posting-Page with her to explain what I did how and what still had to be done. I then updated the code on GITHUB and we added Tina to our group, so she could take part in the development of the code. Becky then showed us the Welcome-Page she put together and explained how she did it.

After we spend all this time going over code, we decided it might be a nice idea to use the rest of the day to improve the design part of our website. The girls really liked the photo I used for the Login-Page and after talking about it for a bit, we came to the conclusion that the PHP/Database part of our website was stable enough to start thinking a bit about the CSS as well. We thought it might be a nice bonding experience to go to town together to take some more photos like it and then put them together in a slideshow as the background for our Login-Page. This idea was inspired by websites like or (they are linked in the References at the end of this post). In the following you can see the site with their slideshow:

Screenshot (258) Screenshot (259)

We thought we would only stick to photos of Bournemouth because we were creating a page for BU students and that is would be a nice touch to make this connection even clearer by focussing on Bournemouth itself. Also, we were still missing a couple of pictures for the About-Us (Welcome-Page) of ourselves. Since Israfiel did not come to the beach with us though, we decided to take those another day. Taking photos in town, we all thought about previous projects we did for our course and how for example the alphabet photo project helped us improve our photography skills and how we could use those now to improve the quality of our website’s design.


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Animation with Photoshop: Task (Flower Part 3)

Experience in doing animation with Photoshop:

The animating itself was not as difficult as I originally thought. As soon as I understood the concept of frames and layers, I could easily animate given pictures. What I figured harder to do was the actual creating of the different sketches. Since they all have to be very similar and the missing of some, might make your animation look less smooth, I had to a lot of correcting afterwards. To compare the two different projects, the flower and the car, it has to be said that the flower took at least four times as long as the car. While creating the moving car, I was able to use the same sketch for every frame. The flower took longer, since I had to draw all the 42 frames in a different way.



Animation with Photoshop: Task (Flower Part 2)


After I had done some research on how to animate with Photoshop and flower circles, I finally started my own bigger project. I used my Graphics Tablet to draw a lot of different frames of a flower, from slowly growing to be fully grown, following by the flowers death.

I chose the theme of a flower because it relates to the theme of a cycle we were given at uni. The grow and the death of the flower keep repeating. As soon as the old flower dies, a new flower grows.

Because I enjoyed animating something with Photoshop, I created another cycle themed animation. This time, I wanted to figure out, if it was possible to create a decent animation using only one single picture. I decided to quickly draw a car and by manipulating its positon in the canvas, it looks like it is actually moving.





Reflection on the Photo- Alphabet Task:

Even though in the end, I had managed to find all my motives, doing this task was not as easy as expected. Some shapes occur a lot (like I, U, O or X), while others do not (like R, D, Y or M). Sometimes I took several photos because I was not happy with the result I got.

But after all, I think this task made me learn a lot about my environment, I had never noticed before. After looking for certain patterns or textures all the time, I am still finding myself discovering new ones, even though the task is over. I think I got a better eye for things like that.