Reorganizing my Blog

As homework, we were set the task to reorganize our blog, to increase its efficiency. Looking at my blog, I discovered a few things that I would have to change to make it look more professional.

They are listed below:

Header: I created the GIF that was my header back when we practiced our skills in animation. It seemed like a nice idea to demonstrate these skills. But by now, I have realized that I might be distracting from the actual content of the blog. That is why I removed the movement.

Here, you can see my previous header with its distracting movement:


Here, you can see the new, still header:


Image size: Because all of my images were in different sizes, it was hard to put them in an order that would be both, nice looking and professional. In the process of reorganizing my blog, I decided on a common size I would use for all of my images from now on. I created a template using Photoshop that was 660px wide. The reason for that was the width of my text, I wanted my images to line up with the text blog and the best way to do that was using the same width. To provide the possibility of a even higher resolution image, I allowed click through.


Here, you can see an example of a post before the reorganisation:

Screenshot (221)

Here, you can see the same example with a common picture size:

Screenshot (222)

Categories: Not just to increase efficiency but as a mandatory requirement for my blog to work, I had to create a new category for this unit. Also, I had to edit all the post that I had made, to make sure they are properly categorized. I named the new category after our unit “Design for Digital Media Environments”.

Tagging: While looking through my blog, I noticed that some of my posts were not tagged. As a part of my new efficient blog, I am going to tag all the posts.